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Master Divers

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Master Divers is a scuba diving school situated on the beautiful beach of Mae Haad, Koh Tao. They can teach you recreational and technical diving from novice through to master instructor, with a range of dive specialties also available, or they can act as your guide to Koh Tao's stunning dive sites if you just want to do fun dives.

Master Divers offer some great diving opportunities for more experienced divers, including fun dives at all the dive sites around Koh Tao. They have two dive boats, a super fast Rigid Inflatable Boat, or technical boat for those more advanced courses. The MV Trident (the technical boat) is a fully equipped steel-hulled boat which offers live aboard diving. We're happy to offer Nitrox diving (in fact, they fill the tanks for most dive centres in Koh Tao that offer Nitrox) and Tri-mix for technical divers.

If your friends don't fancy diving they can still accompany you on the dive boat and snorkel with you at shallow dive sites for free.

If you have not got any accommodation let us know what you are looking for and we will check in to the local accommodation for you anywhere on the island which suites your budget and requirements.

Master Divers is keen to promote reef conservation, which is why we are one of the few dive schools in the world that can boast having marine biologists on staff, and we work on various projects to promote healthy reefs and aquatic life around Koh Tao.

Master Divers is happy to take you from complete beginner to professional Dive-master or Instructor, allowing you to work in the dive industry on beautiful tropical islands all over the world.

Working as an intern with Master Divers, you will be expertly guided through your study and exams whilst gaining a practical, hands-on experience. As a Dive-master Trainee (DMT), you'll get the opportunity to work on the Valiant (the best RIB on Koh Tao) as well as our main dive boat. You will also learn to work in every aspect of the dive centre. Only Master Divers can offer this breadth of experience.

You can charter the RIB for sightseeing, snorkeling, or diving around Koh Tao. They can get to remote sites fast. The charter includes the use of the boat, a captain, and snorkeling/diving equipment if required, and we can arrange for a Dive Master, instructor, or lunch at additional cost. Just let us know your requirements.

Never been snorkeling before? Perhaps you've been snorkeling, but you don't feel entirely comfortable with it?

Master Divers offers a half day snorkeling trip supervised by a Dive Master or diving instructor. You will also receive guidance in snorkeling at one of Koh Tao's beautiful dive sites, including:

  • Choosing proper snorkeling equipment that fits you properly
  • Clearing water from your mask
  • Clearing water from your snorkel
  • Correct use of fins
  • Breath hold diving / skin diving
  • How to equalize, allowing you to dive much deeper
  • How to hold your breath for longer

After this, you'll be able to snorkel confidently and enjoy the marine life and environment without the snorkel equipment 'getting in the way'.

Dive Courses

PADI Courses

  • Discover Scuba Diving - 2000 Baht
  • Scuba Review - 1500 Baht
  • Scuba Diver - 6800 Baht
  • Open Water Diver - 9800 Baht
  • Advanced Open Water 8500 Baht
  • Emergency First Response - 3500 Baht
  • Rescue Diver - 9800 Baht
  • Dive Master - 25000 Baht
  • Assistant Instructor - 18000 Baht

SSI Courses

  • Discovery Dive - 2000 Baht
  • Scuba Skills Update - 1500 Baht
  • Resort Diver - 6800 Baht
  • Open Water Diver - 9800 Baht
  • Advanced Open Water Diver - 8500 Baht
  • Stress and Rescue - 9800 Baht
  • Dive Con - 38000 Baht
  • Open Water Dive through Dive Con - 55680 Baht

Speciality PADI Courses

  • Deep Diver - 7700 Baht
  • Nitrox - 6500 Baht
  • Nitrox + 2 dives - 9000 Baht
  • Navigation - 5900 Baht
  • Gas Blender - 9500 Baht
  • Wreck Diver - 7700 Baht
  • Wreck Wednesday - 4500 Baht
  • Photography - 5900 Baht

Fun Dives and extras

  • Adventure Dives - 1500 Baht per dive
  • 1 - 3 fun dives - 1000 Baht per dive
  • 4 - 6 fun dives - 900 Baht per dive
  • 7 - 9 fun dives - 800 Baht per dive
  • 10+ fun dives - 700 Baht per dive
  • 1/2 day supervised snorkeling - 1200 Baht each
  • Underwater camera rental (2 dives) - 1500 Baht
  • Dive Computer rental (2 dives) - 100 Baht
  • Dive computer rental (AOW course) - 300 Baht

They can offer the dive courses in a variety of different languages also including the course materials and books in the language of your choice.

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